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REG Insaat, in all of its activities and projects undertaken that are carried out in the light of its vision of providing the best service with the most suitable conditions in line with its mission to complete safe and incident-free construction projects with minimized environmental impact, is committed to establish, implement and continuously develop an effective occupational health, safety and environment management system in order to achieve health, safety and environment goals and targets, to ensure occupational health and safety leadership is demonstrated effectively throughout all levels within the organization, to ensure the sustainability of health and safety as well as the preservation of environment in the products and services it offers, to conduct business activities with risk based thinking approach, to ensure the prevention of occupational incidents and occupational illnesses, to provide safe working environment, to ensure root causes of all incidents are investigated and proper necessary actions are taken, to minimize the environmental impacts resulting from activities in accordance with relevant requirements, to ensure that the processes are carried out effectively, to ensure that the processes produce the expected results, to meet national and international health, safety and environment management requirements, to create an infrastructure for employee training and development in order to ensure the competency of its employees, and to meet the needs and expectations of its customers-employees and stakeholders.

The health & safety policy developed for this purpose will provide the following primary requirements:

1. Leadership & Commitment

  • Dedication to zero incident, environmental pollution, work-related illnesses, and social dispute
  • Keep health, safety, environment and social responsibility as a value
  • Ensure top-down HSSE commitment
  • Promote continual improvement
  • Ensure employee participation is achieved
  • Define and communicate roles and responsibilities
  • Allocate required resources
  • Ensure non-discriminatory and respectful working environment
  • Ensure safe working environment is provided
  • Being accountable for health, safety, environment, and social responsibility

2. Planning

  • Assess internal and external issues
  • Evaluate risks and opportunities
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements
  • Protect environment and affected communities
  • Maintain sustainability
  • Appropriate planning to achieve objectives and KPIs

3. Risk Management

  • Maintain risk based thinking
  • Promote proactive approach
  • Identify, eliminate and minimize all hazards, risks, environmental and social impacts
  • Identify potential emergency and crises situations
  • Reduce risk of emergency

4. Implementation

  • Execute work activities in complies with HSSE management systems
  • Use natural resources efficiently
  • Manage emergency situations, perform drills to test emergency response
  • Provide safe tools & equipment
  • Ensure correct documentation and effective reporting in place
  • Involve subcontractors into HSSE management system

5. Competency

  • Inform employees on HSSE policy
  • Provide HSSE trainings
  • Consult with employees regarding HSSE management systems
  • Foster HSSE awareness of employees
  • Implement behavioral H&S programs

6. Objective & Key Performance Indicators

  • Define smart HSSE targets based on applicable requirements, risk & opportunities and consultation with employees
  • Inform subcontractors about HSSE objectives and targets
  • Communicate and update HSSE targets appropriately

7. Monitoring & Review

  • Monitor HSSE KPIs and objectives
  • Assess compliance with HSSE management systems
  • Conduct management review regularly
  • Share lessons learned and best practices
  • Evaluate & monitor subcontractors HSSE performances
  • Improve HSSE management systems incorporating outputs of management review

8. Social Responsibility

  • Establish good relations with project affected communities & neighbors
  • Implement fair and transparent recruitment process
  • Ensure equal opportunities and worker welfare
  • Raising HSSE awareness in project affected communities