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REG Insaat, in all of its activities and projects undertaken that are carried out in the light of its vision of providing the best service with the most suitable conditions in line with its mission to complete high-quality and cost-effective construction projects, is committed to establish, implement and continuously develop an effective quality management system in order to achieve the strategic goals, to ensure the sustainability of the quality of the products and services it offers, to ensure work efficiency, to do the work good and correctly, to complete the works on time, on budget and on performance, to ensure that the processes are carried out effectively, to ensure that the processes produce the expected results, to meet international quality standards, to create an infrastructure for employee training and development, and to meet the needs and expectations of its customers-employees and stakeholders.

The Quality policy developed for this purpose will provide the following primary requirements:

1. Customer Focus & Feedback

  • Align with customer on requirements and metrics
  • Engage frequently with customer on quality performance
  • Respond quickly to customer concerns & ideas
  • Focus on enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Satisfy applicable requirements

2. Leadership & Management

  • Support individuals who identify quality issues
  • Maintain open environment
  • Provide resources needed for the QMS
  • Take accountability for the effectiveness of QMS
  • Promote the use of process approach and risk-based thinking

3. Pride & Empowerment

  • Quality not sacrificed for cost or schedule
  • Employees show pride in and have accountability for work quality
  • Employees empowered to report quality concerns and provide feedback

4. Processes & Procedures

  • Employ effective procedures, processes and training
  • Adherence to processes embedded in culture
  • Improve procedures in timely manner
  • Encourage feedback to improve processes
  • Continual improvement of QMS

5. Open Environment

  • Have a questioning attitude
  • Address issues in transparent manner
  • Pause/stop work encouraged if quality is questionable
  • Employees encouraged in identifying & resolving quality issues

6. Monitor & Communicate

  • Aggressively seek out and report problems
  • Resolve issues in timely manner
  • Monitor quality metrics
  • Share lessons learned, best practices to make them institutionalized

7. Knowledge & Sustainability

  • Protect and sustain organizational knowledge
  • Maintain the company culture
  • Address risks and opportunities that can affect QMS
  • Promote competency and career development